Can I custom pick a Mega Bag?

Yes, you can now create your own Mega Bag through MY SWEET DELIVERY. Get customising now!

Where can I find the ingredients?

The ingredients of our sweets can be found on the SWEETS page.

How will my Sweet Delivery arrive?

Your order will be delivered in a mailing bag, Mega Bags have a seal allowing easy access, they are then heat sealed making the bag tamper proof, keeping your sweets fresh!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to the rest of the world. The shipping fee will be calculated based on weight, please note this would be extra delivery time. 

Can I order large quantities of sweets?

Yes, although additional delivery charge may apply due to a greater weight.

Would there be any cross contamination with non vegan sweets?

No, vegan sweets are stored and packed in a different area to the non vegan sweets. We take great care in this to prevent cross contamination. 

Returns and Refunds?

Returns and refunds not available unless there is a problem or mistake with order.


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