A Step-by Step Guide of the Order Process at Sweet Delivery

Have you missed loved ones over the lockdown period?

Sweeten up their day with a Sweet Delivery... follow our 5 step process below to get your hands on our delicious sweets, personalised to your liking & love.

  1. Email your request to info@sweet-delivery.co.uk where our team will get back to you within the same day answering in detail of the services we can provide for you. From personalised messages to adding your chosen branding to our huge sweet bags, we ensure your demands are always met at a very high standard.

  2. After your enquiry submission, we do the rest creating an exciting design that represents you! From adding your logo to our message cards or even a more exclusive feature being able to add your company logo to the bag itself as well as name tags. Top Tip: Strongly advised to get your name on our delicious sweet bags in case your family catches onto them!

  3. The exciting part is picking from our wide range of confectionery, we have range from Vegan to Gluten-Free ensuring all deities are covered! Pick sweets that represent you as a brand, delicious strawberry pencil bites the fresh taste of strawberry outer matched with its creamy soft centre...yummy

  4. All our orders are freshly packed on the day of delivery ensuring our sweets get to you in the freshest way possible, we've our hardworking team we meet every deadline making sure your order is fulfilled for the day you want them.

  5. Now, sit back, relax. Whack the T.V on and tuck away at our huge Mega Bags, be careful though. Once you start you can not stop!

"Oh go on then, just one more..."

Treat someone today during these dark times making the sweetest of gifts contact us via info@sweet-delivery.co.uk now to get your sugar fix and discuss your customisable needs, we are a friendly team that are always willing to help!

Explore our delightful products now & get in touch so we can make it custom to you.

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