How we make our famous Mega Bag containing all our sweet & sour candy!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scene at Sweet Delivery HQ?

Well, we will explain our step by step guide in how we make our famous Mega Bag! Check out the video attached to catch a glimpse of what goes down in our mini sweet factory (it’s really an office) However we still take great care and ensure

each bag has a bit of everything so that you don’t miss out on your favourite candies!

Our step by step guide-

  1. Firstly, pick the appropriate sweets for the order eg. Fizzy Mega Bag. Pick 10 fizzy favourites from our range of sweet goodies; they could be Fizzy Fangs, Cola Bottles, Sour Apples and many more..

  2. Once you are satisfied with your chosen sour sweets ensure you have the correct packaging, so that it's ready for filling!

  3. Now weigh each individual sweet 80g per portion and place in a mixing tub. We make sure you get the exact weight of every sweet instead of mixing randomly otherwise you may not get the sweets you want!

  4. When all 10 sour sweets are in the mixing tub begin to shake the tub so that all the sweets are mixed with each other randomly. This is so that when they go into the bag you eat different sweet treats every time!

  5. Now place all the sweets into the Mega Bag pouch putting every last sweet into it, making the bag jam-packed and MEGA!

  6. To ensure our Mega Bags are tamper proof we heat seal every Mega Bag so that no sweets can escape and no one can eat them (very tempting as they taste so good!)

  7. The Mega Bag is now complete and ready to be delivered to someone who craves candy and needs to fulfil their sweet tooth!

We at Sweet Delivery started our journey in the heart of Hertford as a late night sweet delivery service, we now operate as an online sweet shop, shipping to the whole of the UK. We love satisfying sweet lovers giving them their sugar fix with our fresh, premium and delicious candy. We slowly but surely aim to get bigger and bigger, always coming up with the next sweet thing! Sweet dreams for now...

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