GO Vegan : What ingredients are actually in Vegan sweets?

Vegan Sweets? Why wouldn’t sweets be vegan or Vegetarian, we hear you ask?

Disgustingly, some sweets recipes actually contain animal and insect-derived ingredients like carmine (also called Cochineal - red colouring derived from beetle shells!), beeswax and the nastiest of nasties: gelatine. Gelatine is the skin and connective tissue of, typically, pigs or cows that’s heat treated and often dyed bright colours to make it appear more attractive - so you definitely want to choose gelatine free sweets! Thankfully there are plenty of vegan pick and mix sweets available by Sweet Delivery.

Blue Stars

These fluorescent blue stars are unique for their bright colour standing out from the classic pick n mix sweets. However they sure taste good, with a sharp sour coating but gummy soft centred middle. These are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Rainbow Stripes

Haribo are not known for their extensive range of gelatine-free sweets, but these strips are just that: fizzy fruit-flavoured gums that are made with real fruit extracts and no animal by-products. The most fun part of these sweets is that the rainbow coloured sections are reliable - try not to peel them apart section by section!

Flying Saucers

These sweets are a real blast from the past and fondly remembered by many a British schoolchild. For those who haven’t tasted their uniqueness, they are a papery-textured (nicer than it sounds), brightly-coloured, spaceship-shaped sweet that melt in your mouth revealing a fizzy, powdery, sherbert inside. Sweet delivery includes these in their Vegan Mega Bag.

Sour Dummies

Another pick and mix classic as well as gelatine-free sweet is the sour dummies. These sugar coated sour textures are difficult to eat in one without pulling a funny face! Next time you try one of these challenge yourself, do you think you will be able to?

The vegan pick and mix sweets range is forever growing, let us know what your favourite vegan sweet is in the comments?

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