Trick or Treat? Halloween Special Edition coming soon...

Sweet Delivery have spooky plans for this years Halloween, with an exclusive Halloween Special edition it is going to be a frighteningly sweet one!

We will be revealing next week our special edition Halloween Mega Bag, featuring some of the most disgustingly sweet Halloween candy, do you think you will be able to stomach it?

We shall give you a sneak peek behind the HQ doors on what sweets to expect!

  • Jelly Brains - These soft centered gummy sweets are glowing with a sweet, fruity red centre giving you that gruesome blood effect matched with carvings from the actual brain... These sure have the Halloween wow factor!

  • Witches Heads- The blue, yellow and red topped Witches Head are the scariest looking halloween sweet with their big dripping nose and devilish eyes!

  • Giant Spiders- These huge gummy spider candies come in a range of colours and flavours, if you are scared of spiders prepare yourself for these giant jelly spiders. They sure do taste better than what they look like!

These are just some of the Halloween candy Sweet Delivery has got prepared for you this year, be sure to follow our movement with caution as we are going for our first spooky Halloween.

Loads of new exciting products will be coming your way 1st October, making a great Halloween gift idea or even if you have plans of a Halloween party be sure to share our delicious halloween themed candy that will give anyone a fright!

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