A lovely gift for a parent or family member who has always been there, a great way to begin the huge thank you they deserves! Filled with retro sweets to satisfy that sweet craving of the good days! The packaging within the box is a newspaper style base to support this retro feeling, or can be swapped for coloured paper straw. And our gift is finished off with an elegant ribbon and a gift tag. 



- 1x Rainbow Drops

- Cola Bottles (50g)

- Milk Bottles (50g)

- Jelly Beans (50g)

-  Mixed Lollie x2

- Drumstick x2

- Parma Violets x3

- Fizzers x3


Double up on the contents of the ENTIRE box for just £1.50 more!

Parent of the Bride/Groom

Colour Of Bow
Gift Tag?
Packaging Type
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