24 Varieties Including:

100g - Watermelon Jellies

100g - Cola Bottle Jellies

100g - Heart Throb Jellies

Bag Of Flying Saucers

3x - Swizzels Drumstick

7x - Fruity Lolly Pops

6x - Sherbet Tubs

3x - Swizzels Rainbow Drop Bag

3x - Swizzels Mr Chew

3x - Love Heart Tube

4x - Swizzels Fizzers

4x - Swizzels Parma Violets 

4x - Swizzels Refresher

4x - Black Jack Chew 

4x - Fruit Salad Chew

2x - Popping Candy 

1x - Swizzels Whistle

1x - Swizzels Double Dip

2x -  Haribo Starmix Bag (16g)

1x - White Chocolate KitKat

1x - Cadburys Curly Wurly 

1x - Cadburys Chocolate Buttons

1x - Mars' Milky Way

The Jar-Gantic!

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Wrapping Type
  • Sweets are delivered in an elegant retro style plastic jar, presented with either a bow or as standard depending on your choice at the checkout. Products come with at least 1 years expiration date and are all brand new; unused; unopened and undamaged.

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